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Steven Yaniz, owner and operator of, runs a completely worthless "SEO" operation. Through practicing black-hat SEO, Steven Yaniz essentially places all of his clients websites at risk from receiving a penalty from Google.

By suffering from delusions of grandeur, Steven believes that he is a member of the Anonymous Hackers group. Yet true members of Anonymous REMAIN "anonymous," because they *** into government websites and create mayhem. Here's the YouTube site where the wannabe hacker poses as a true member of Anonymous:

Steven Yaniz posts jobs on freelance sites such as Avoid hiring him to do any type of SEO, web design, or provide any other professional service. The reason why Steven posts jobs on freelance websites is because he does not have any solid recurring clients and has to keep churning out new, unsuspecting victims in order to continue perpetuating his SEO scams. Trust me, this guy is a complete joke.

This scam artist is transient. Formally located in Texas, Steven is now operating his SEO scams out of Illinois. Run a public records request to view the default judgements & the history of litigation he's facing.

If you are a current client of Steven Yaniz and are not happy with the results from his "Affordable SEO" program, please file a complaint with these offices:

Also, beware that his wife, Jennifer Yaniz, is often the guise in which Steven conducts his SEO scams. More info to follow.

Monetary Loss: $5000.



this is bull *** i deal with the people hes talking about and there hard working and can be trusted its slander all slander


Just wanted to say that Steven is awesome and has never done anything to harm any of the sites and or work he has done. Jennifer has always been helpful and works on her own so I am baffled why you mention her.

The poster of the completely false comments by the writer are because he has been accused and charged as a sexual offender. This is completely a false report in retaliation for not only the Yaniz family but many others.

In fact Richard is a covicted sexual offender.


Again, I have no knowledge of any claims against my website, the domain is not open, there are no clients in NEw jersey nor have there ever been. You attempts at extortion are laughable, it seems you are probably suffering from your own delusions of grandeur.

You have provided no website which can or is associated with Steven Yaniz, or myself at any point in this complaint. I believe that it must be due to your own sordid history or libelous fram of mind that you HIDE behind a false name and provide nothing but fiction and conjecture. Apparently I am supposed to KNOW who you are, or guess on this site or make some attempt at including yet someone else on this claim. I will not do so, I have no need to do so.

If you wish to contact me directly I am sure you or anyone interested can, I have no need to hide from anyone or anything.

I have committed no crimes, done no wrong nor been required to make amends to any of my clients in the present or past. In fact I will not even address this again, I obviously have more to do that you at this point in my life.

Jennifer Yaniz

to Jennifer Yaniz #636427

Last Known Address: 1101 LOCUST ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107


Sex: Male Eyes: BROWN

Height: 6'2 Hair: BLACK

Weight 210 lbs. Age/DOB: 1982

Offense or Statute

Offense/Statute: FL040 - SEXUAL BATTERY INJURY NOT LIKELYDate Convicted: 06 July 2005




It was really sad to see this complaint up under my name Jennifer Yaniz.I do not know who this is but I have never worked with anyone in New Jersey and I have never ever charged $5k for services. I do not know anyone by this name and my website has been down for years.

I do not not appreciate being presented in this light in what is a false claim. The complaint does not include a website or any other reference other then my name. I have asked you guys to remove my name from this complaint several times and the only response I get is to pay you guys which sounds like extortion and is indeed a crime. I welcome you to send any proof that I have ever worked with you and I will be more than happy to resolve the issue.

It just seems to me like this is someone with a personal bone to pick who is too small of a person to approach me directly. If you have something to say then by all means have the audacity to email me at directly at I am not that hard to find.

to jenniferyaniz #595935


Your husband, Steven Yaniz, is operating under the guise of Since December 30, 2012, Steven has gone on an all-out rampage online as a purported member of the Anonymous Hacker group. He has made open threats against people, including doing negative SEO on them and has openly intimidated people online. He is operating under the name "Barnabas Barry Wong." We have collected IP addresses, screen shots, and additional evidence that proves that your husband is carrying out these acts. In fact, up until last week, his Facebook page was openly stating that he was a member of "Anonymous Hackers" and he admitted to getting involved openly to a number of cybercrimes.

Are you aware of this? Steven Yaniz was reported to law enforcement and also had a lawsuit filed against him.

You need to have a long talk with your husband and tell him to stop harassing people. He chose the wrong group and has awoken a sleeping giant.

to Steven Yaniz, AKA Esteban Yani #598165

Really because you are openly libeling me online, posting rumors that I am a black-hat SEO, you have prevented me from selling a domain name worth about 7k, associating me with anonymous, threatening the life of me and my soon to be child, which I cannot believe because you yourself have a daughter and *** off this Barry guy whoever he is. Please be advised Mr.

Gorman if this harassment continues of me I will be retaining counsel in Illinois.

This is your public notice to cease and desist posting libel comments about the Affordable SEO, Jennifer or Steven Yaniz. Please remember we both play in the same sandbox.

to Jennifer Yaniz Des Plaines, Illinois, United States #598179

If you look online there are tons of complaints about past businesses you own it could be anyone you have worked with in the past. To protect your privacy I am not going to list them online. Unfortunately you have not done the same for me or Steve.

to Jennifer Yaniz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #598342

Mrs. Yaniz: From my previous conversation and e-mails with you, and from my recent conversation with your husband, I can only venture to guess that you are posting about my client, Mr.

Richard Gorman; I reviewed these postings after your husband mentioned them during our phone conversation.

Please let me make it abundantly clear that no one's life has been threatened. You are ommitting salient information in these posts as the comments you are "quoting" relate strictly to internet and SEO-related behavior; not a single physical threat has been made.


Cease your harassment immediately or I shall cover page 1 of search engines for yourself, Jennifer, and your soon to be child. Leave me alone and you shall be left alone.

If you test me I will unleash *** on you. Last warning, leave me alone.

J McBride

Please note that the real name of this perpetrator is Esteban Yaniz.

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